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How to choose a trimmer for beard and mustache?

Mustache and beard for men today are relevant again. But, like the hair on your head, they require care. And mustache and beard should be given a form to look stylish and attractive. This will require a trimmer.

Trimmers come in different qualities and different functionality. Should immediately make a reservation - on the cheap is not worth thinking. Their lifespan is very short - or burn a motor or blunted blade and trimmer starts to pull the mustache or beard. For home use to choose a professional trimmer for a hairstyle does not make sense - it is expensive, and to use all the functions will be required. Enough to buy a universal trimmer. They can be cut and color to perform and tidy mustache or beard regrown.

Now you can choose trimmers, working only from the mains or from batteries and power supply. Autonomous trimmer bit better - the length of the cord does not restrict movement of the house, you can take a small mirror, go to the most convenient place and perform a haircut. If you choose self-trimmer, the mode of operation shall be as follows: either battery operation or from the mains. Many manufacturers to reduce the cost of construction is performed in such a way that electricity is first supplied to a dead battery, and then the motor. But such a scheme perishable food and batteries trimmer itself.

If the trimmer is stationary (ie, working only from the mains) cord length should be such that it was convenient to do with it manipulation, while he calmly took out a power point or pull. Usually the length of 2-3 meters missing. There should be a few trim bits that will cut your hair to the desired length. Self-sharpening blades need to be - it just eliminates the problem of finding a shop where they can sharpen dull elements. Included with the trimmer are also brush to clean the remnants of hair and comb. To many models in the kit is a lubricant. In a good trimmer with ceramic knives do not need it.

Incidentally, when selecting the trimmer must be considered thickness and stiffness of the hair. If they are thick, soft, docile - just trim the universal order of magnitude lower. If facial hair is tough, thick and naughty - save versatile trimmer. In the trimmer should also control the length of the blades. Because it can shave stubble, trim the length of the whiskers, remove hair at the temples, to make tanks, etc. Do not choose trimmers very popular brands, or vice versa, quite unknown. In the first case, there is an overpayment for the name, in the second - a problem with customer service and warranty.

Some models of trimmers, thanks to a special nozzle, allow to cut hair in the nose and ears. But it is better to take the trimmer without this feature - heavy and overall machine is not very convenient to manipulate in such a delicate operation. If the vegetation in the nose does not cause discomfort of various kinds - such a tool and do not need.

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