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Ancient Greek Coin

480-350 BC Greek Chersonesos Silver Hemidrachm Ancient Coin


Goat and Apollo. AEOLIS. Aigai. A lovely example Ancient Greek coin 400 BC


Mysia. Pergamon Trophy of Athena/ Athena Goddess of Victory. Ancient Greek Coin


Thessaly. Larissa. nymph Larissa right/ Horse. Ancient Greek coin 370 BC


Blowout! Slabbed Ancient Greek Coins. c.400 B.C. - 300 A.D. FREE S


Satyr Silenus facing with piercing eyes. Macedon mint Ancient Greek coin. Scarce


Greek Coin, Mythical Athena & Bull Worship in Ancient Pella Macedonia, c 100 BC


SILVER Alexander III The Great Greek Drachma Coin "Herakles & Zeus" CERTIFIED


MYSIA Parium NGC AU 4th Century BC Greek AR Hemidrachm Ancient (mb1837)


Greek Coin, Dionysos, God of Wine/Ecstacy on Aegean, Goat Worship, 2nd Cent. BC


Mysia. Pergamon Athena Goddess of Victory. Trophy of Athena Ancient Greek Coin


Ptolemy III Euergetes. Zeus-Ammon Eagle standing on thunderbolt. Ancient Greek


Lot of 6 Silver Greek coins Alexander drachm + persian ship. Ancient Greek Coins


Authentic Ancient Greek Drachma Coin of Alexander The Great 925 Silver Necklace


Ancient Indo Greek Elephant coin silver Drachm of Apollodotos 1 c. 160 B.C.


025. Greek Silver Coin. ALEXANDER III. AR Tetradrachm. Herakles / Zeus. VF


028. Greek Silver Coin. THRACE. AR Drachm. Gorgon / Anchor. VF


029. Greek Silver Coin. CHERSONESOS. AR Hemidrachm. Lion. VF


Ancient Greek Coin Corinthia Corinth AR Silver Stater NGC ChXF 400 BC Pegasus


Ancient Greek Silver 11mm Apollonia Pontika, Thrace,AR Drachma 400-350BC Sharpe!


032. Greek Silver Coin. ABYDUS, TROAS. AR Obol. Eagle / Gorgoneian. Fine


027. Greek Silver Coin. ALEXANDER III. AR Drachm. Kolphon. Herakles / Zeus. F


Thessaly. Larissa circa 450-420 BC. Exquisite, Ancient Greek Drachm Silver Coin


Ancient Attica Athens 454-404 BC Athena Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin ANACS AU55






Alexander the Great III AR Drachm Coin 336 BC - Certified NGC Choice VF - Rare!


Ionia, Magnesia Ancient Greek AR Drachm/400-350 BC/ Incredible Silver Coin CH VF


Zeus With Tripod Ancient Greek Coin - Beauty 4.4 g


Byblos, Phoenicia 1/8 Shekel, Galley/Hippocamp - Lion, Ancient Si


Ancient Greek 1/2 Stater Triskelion (450 BC) SCARCE 7.8 g Incredible


Ancient Attica Athens 440-404 BC Athena Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin NGC AU


LOT of 3 Better Grade Unidentified Unknown Ancient GREEK Bronze coins


Ancient Greek Silver 11mm Apollonia Potinka Thrace AR Drachma 400-350BC Awesome!


Lot of 3 MYSIA, Parion. 5th cen BC. Silver Drachm Gorgoneion Coins! Sharp I


ALEXANDER the Great Lifetime Issue XF Ancient Silver Coin Herakles Rose Sardes


SYRACUSE SICILY 470BC Ancient Greek Coin Beautifull Nymph Octopus green patin


Ancient Greek coin MOESIA, Istros. Circa 4th Century BC. SILVER Stater


Museum Quality Silver Lycia 1/6 Stater Ancient Greek Coin


ALEXANDER the Great Lifetime Drachm XF+ Ancient Greek Silver Coin Club Herakles


Seleukid Empire Antiochos Apollo - ANCIENT GREEK COIN