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Today, country houses have become quite popular as possessing such a construction can not just come for the weekend or just to spend their vacation outside the city limits, but also permanently resident in. Increasingly, such homes are designed with the alignment of more than one floor, even with impressive size.
I must say that when building a house need to buy a mixer. Where and how depends on the size of your building.
In the design of our country house comes as a proper zoning living rooms, with a sufficient level of insulation and high-quality solid foundation. Between floors of the building, a special layer designed for floor slabs. Use the same as monolithic and prefabricated slabs. Thermal insulation of a brick wall is very low so after their erection essential to install these facts and take care of their careful warming.
Properties brick built cottage type such that when the heat in the rooms cool and dry, and cold in the same dry and warm. In general it can be noted characteristics such as brick walls durability, frost resistance, strength and heat resistance. In this regard, the countryside, and brick houses, in principle, are perfect for seasonal residence, and permanent.

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